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Innovate UK 2015: Magnetar was there

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Magnetar was present at both days of Innovate UK 2015 in London, on November 9th and 10th.

Magnetar attended sessions that focused on science, innovation, partnerships, EU funding opportunities and smart technologies for cities. Furthermore, we had the great opportunity to participate in the process of making connections with organizations, enterprises and universities which are based in the United Kingdom and they have created a successful history in the field of research and innovation.

We had productive meetings with a large number of attendees and discussed future collaborations, under the umbrella of EU funded programs and other research and innovation projects. Magnetar utilized the great event of Innovate UK 2015 and successfully explored the possible cooperation in the sectors of Energy, Engineering, Sustainable Transport, Blue and Green Growth and also optimized the search for the application of EU funding tools. The meetings were the gateway to provide to future partners more insight about our activities, and the spectrum of services Magnetar is offering. Further potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities are on the horizon.

We also visited all of the showcases presenting innovative and amazing technologies, and exchanged ideas in the framework of new research and implementation challenges.

The overall great experience participating in the Innovate UK 2015 in London, was stunning, constructive and inspiring. The vital chapter of research and innovation, is connected with the life, culture and industry of the United Kingdom. These are the main reasons why the event became one of the most successful and famous worldwide.

Congratulations to the winners of the event, and we are expressing our thanks and congratulations to the UK Trade and Investment for the excellent and professional organizing and hosting of Innovate UK 2015.

We are looking forward for Innovate UK 2016.



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