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ACADEMY INFLUENCERS came into being under the European Union Year of the YOUTH 2022. The project involves young people in the achievement of new key competences on social media business with a balanced mix of vocational digital skills. We would like to contribute to innovation in vocational education and training and resort to e-learning via virtual learning environments, multimedia hardware and software and through social networking to help the participants to learn within the established times. We are sure that more and more young people will grasp the importance of using social media and create new jobs. It contributes to the mutual recognition of new qualifications across EU and learning outcomes in Europe facilitating to work closely with the new digital technologies and, of course, the creation of new jobs. Youth unemployment is significantly connected with less digital skills and this project is targeted at young people identifying innovative professions in the current and future labor market. Being a social media influencer is not a hobby but a concrete job in a competitive workplace. A real job is an activity when you get a certain occupation with activities and get paid for these activities. Therefore, social media influencers must amass a large audience, build connections over the time, add value to their followers’ lives, create vast contents of photos, videos, storytelling, creativity and new ideas, etc. Being a social media influencer is also a very difficult job, more so than most people think. The first step before all is to understand how to build a solid reputation around social media, study and work hard to learn the rules, social channels, how grow popularity, how to choose social media technology suited for their business needs, how to use the activity monitoring and how to plan & develop their own social marketing strategies. One of the reasons for social influencer marketing great success is because influencers have a targeted completed skill education and are responsive to the changes of market and digital instruments in the field of social media. It’s important to understand the basic types of social media content that can make the difference in the social work marketplace. Social Media is an evolving field and for the professional influencer is compulsory to understand the risks and the opportunities for success.

We will search and select young participants interested in the social media marketing career.

If you are ready to apply to the ACADEMY INFLUENCERS you may click Apply Now anytime to begin the process.

Getting started with the ACADEMY INFLUENCERS is easy!

Begin by applying for admission, as long as you are at least 18 years of age. Submit evidence that you have completed secondary or you are in progress/completed your high school. Despite the fact that the project is implemented in some EU countries, the ACADEMY INFLUENCERS will be freely opened to all who are interested in having more information and useful skills about social media marketing.

Complete now the New Student Application process.

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