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Magnetar at Brussels

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Magnetar traveled to Brussels on January 24th to January 27th 2017. The company took part in the expedition organized under the program “Information Visit to the European Commission” for “Young Entrepreneurs from Cyprus”. The Information Visit consisted of a day in the European Commission and a day in the European Parliament.

The presentations and information given the first day were focused in young entrepreneurship and help provided by the European Commission especially in the sectors of Start-Ups, SMEs, Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The second day consisted of a visit in the European Parliament where we had conversations with three Cypriot Members of the European Parliament. Also, presentations were given by two Committees, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of the Regions.

The visit can be considered very fruitful considering the new information received and the expansion of Magnetar’s Network with young and leading Cypriot entrepreneurs and key persons of the European Commission.

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